July 2, 2014

<i>July 2, 2014</i><br><br><br>

An Inspired Manifesto

by Benjamin Grossman

Ruling is a clock-less job. It is not for those who require a day of rest. Ruling from afar is absurd.  It is like standing on the Moon from Earth. Not every rule is fastened to the future. Many rules are only a hiccup to history. Some rules require raised hands.

A cloudless ruler reigns both skyward and downward. The cloudy ruler reigns both somewhere and nowhere. The enlightened ruler never awaits a second chance. Only the shady ruler thinks coming is always better than going. A broken crown can be reforged, but it cannot be resurrected.

When did faith become so holey? Why does God’s throne sit in the shade? Is God’s kingdom merely a shadow of a shadow?

This world needs the evolution of correction. This world needs a flood of love. This world needs to sacrifice poverty. This world needs plagues set upon the plagues. This world needs to nail starvation, hatred, and death to a cross. This world needs to revive itself.

I am for restoration. I am for a fall from foolishness. I am for more than a good Friday. I am for a belief in unity. I am for commandments from candidates. I am for the creation of a divine election. I am for the replacement of God with another God.

I believe the believers have the right to choose. I believe we never had the choice yesterday. I believe we deserve this choice today. If this old God continues to make the time ahead like the time before, then I believe we should vote a new God into Heaven. 

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  1. "When did faith become so holey?" That's a great line!